Who is Capital Seven?

Capital Seven is a  custodian of Botswana’s wealth and a key contributor to the country’s economic growth.

What is Capital Seven's vision?

To become a leading diversified financial services company, a preferred local partner for both public and private sectors in Botswana.

What is Capital Seven's mandate?

Capital Seven provides financial solutions to individual and institutional clients. These solutions include investment, asset management, liquidity, alternative investments, savings and linked products, property asset management and capital market activities.

With its roots firmly planted in Africa, and its experience in providing innovative solutions for dynamic wealth management in emerging markets, Capital Seven  is committed to sharing its expertise and experience with stakeholders in other African countries with the hope that they experience Botswana’s success.

What is Capital Seven's  investment philosophy?

Although Capital Seven is a company that pursues innovative opportunities that return consistent value, asset management remains the pillar of the organisation. We proactively venture into new fields after careful consideration is proving to be a rewarding strategy.



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