Our goal is to provide individual and institutional investors the opportunity to monetize and manage their illiquid investment holdings. We have executed many types of transactions, from single fund transfers to complex, structured portfolio solutions, and work hard to understand the unique circumstances of each of our partners and offer thoughtful alternatives. Investors value our guidance and support as it relates to private fund commitments, co-investments and portfolio management.



Deep Industry Relationships

For over a decade, we have been one of the most active participants in the secondary market. We have developed an extensive network of limited partners, advisors and general partners who value the credibility, thoughtful attention and pro-active engagement we bring to each opportunity. We believe our reputation grants us a preferred status among sophisticated investors seeking liquidity alternatives.


Long Term Collaboration

Our long-term, relationship-based philosophy is at the core of our continued stability and success. Many of our opportunities are sourced from existing relationships forged over multiple transactions and investments. Our transaction partners benefit from the seamless and informed transaction process that we have established and refined over 15 years of operations.



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